About Florence 

I grew up in a beautiful region of northern France called Normandy. For centuries, its local citizens considered the herbs, fruits, and vegetables they grew outside of their farmhouses as an absolute necessity to raising a healthy family. My grandparents, who had survived the hardships of Occupied France during World War II, taught me how to plant and care for a garden as well as use common herbs as medicinal remedies. Due to my grandparents’ positive influence, I, too, became passionate about growing my own healthy produce and herbs. Upon leaving Normandy to attend university, I studied both medicine and psychology in Paris. My attention and interest were focused upon learning more about the body and how to keep it free from diseases. After my schooling, I was presented with the opportunity to move to California which I knew as the land of sunshine, greenery and temperate climates. I soon fell in love with my new country, delighting in the fact that on the West Coast, I could maintain a lovely and thriving garden all year round.

Unfortunately, over the years, I developed a health issue that presented as chronic pain and depression. After taking prescribed medications but experiencing side effects and no results, I decided to take the matter of my health and well-being into my own hands. I drew upon my knowledge of naturally healing herbs and foods, and set out to treat myself. I replaced my Western Medicine drugs with the best nutrition plan I could develop which included very specific high-density foods and herbal remedies.

Now that I am well again, I have made Herbal Medicine my life’s passion. I received my Certificate as a Medicinal Herbalist from the School of Herbal Energetics in Northern California in 2014. I continue my education through the International Integrative Educational Institute and I am now Certified Nutrition Therapist and also specializes in Ortho-molecular medicine. 

I now uses my years of training and research to help my clients in the same way I helped myself.

I also hopes that my recovery story can be proof to others of the power of good nutrition and herbal medicine. Today I can say that I live a healthy, normal life and enjoys every minute of it!